Psalms 91
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
         Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.


Serving Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough and Hernando counties- Florida since 2005

License Number 29075

Pastor Angelique and Rev.Michael Cadwell

She received her Ordination through-  The United Christian Church & Ministerial Association. By Reverend H. Richard Hall -located in Cleveland, Tennessee.  In addition, she was Ordained by - Dr. Howard M. Sarkela - Professor at  Northwestern  Theological Seminary.   

Affiliates- Christian Alliance Ministries, Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ and Northwestern Theological Seminary. Northwestern Seminary.Com- She also served in the  USNR for 8 years-Chaplains Unit St Petersburg FL- Naval Air Logistics NOLA &  IntelligenceUnit NASJAX , Shore Proramming, Mobilization NOLA .She became a Notary for the State of Florida  in 1976.  Awarded Foster Mother License in 1980  and became a Host Parent with Eckerd College,and American International, caring for 23 youths while they stayed in America at her home to learn English, for one month intervals. She loves children very much. Taught Bible School while her children were growing up.Suncoast Cathedral. In addition she was a Birthing coach at Bay Front Medical St. Petersburg, FL for one year.

Doctorate of Divinity - from University of Petra      also she acquired from                              Northwestern Theological Seminary her Degrees- Doctorate in Philosophy,  Masters Degree in Theology & Biblical Counseling,  Bachelors in Theology. Became Founder of In His Power Only Ministries, Inc.,in 2005 and acquired the  Church Charter through Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, January 2005 to the present. Dr Howard Sarkela- soon after became the  Director of Prisoners for Christ . She provides  inmates  Biblical studies through mail program, to receive certificates of completion and schooling to become ordained.   

IN HIS POWER ONLY MINISTRIES, INC   is a non profit organization who works in the entire Gulf Coast area. Texas to Florida
            We have a team of 33 Ordained pastors who are dedicated, hard working christian men and women.  .
Exemption Category 501.c3 Organization          State of Florida Notary                         Registered with 

Rev. Michael James Cadwell is in charge of  hurricane & emergency responce. He teaches youth, through coloring books and Smokey the Bear materials how to prevent fires. He worked in  the Navy Fast Sealift and Military Sealift Command in Violet,  Louisiana,  as well as the Port of New Orleans. These were official government docks.  He was a linesman supervisor , fire watch commander, and security commander on the USNS Super Tanker- Pollux.  During- Operation Desert Storm, Persian Gulf and wartime loading of ships, fuels and military equipment and ammunition. Director Cadwell worked with the Coast Guard, River Pilots Association as well as US Navy. The Mississippi River Port Loading Facility, honored him with a verbal and written sitation for fire safety preventing a fire on board of the USNS Pollux by Capt. Breslin.

Dr. Angelique cares for the men and women who have so diligently served in our armed forces.  Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Marines, Special Forces.  Making sure they adjust when coming back home to us here in America.  She also ministers to families who have lost loved ones. Gone through divorces and dysfunctional situations. Our prayer support team consists of 2,000 warriors in 15 countries and 48 states.  They are the wind under our wings.  We started out with 6 and over a 7 year period it has grown and grown.  Like throwing a rock into the water and watching the ripples keep on going. Only when we get to heaven will we find out how many lives have been touched by our faithful prayer warriors.       

Giving support wherever needed and looking out for the families while they are being deployed.   She goes to James A Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida as well as Bay Pines Veterans Hospital, in St Petersburg.   We have a team of dedicated intercessors, who pray daily for the world, our country, families, seeking wisdom, favor and annointing from our Father in Heaven. He is still on the Throne precious ones......


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Pastor Rick and Pastor Carol Mora.  Pastor Angelique has personally known them and worked side by side with them.  It is their greatest desire to win souls and minister to those who are hurting.  We have prayed together fervently that our wills line up with God’s will.  That He will guide our steps.  The steps of a righteous man are ordered of God.  It is an honor to have them as part of our outreach to the needy.

They have tremendous gifts of discernment and know how to lovingly pray to receive salvation and healing.  When deliverance is needed, God uses them mightily in this area.  I trust their walk with God.  He truly has made them one in Him.  What a fine example of the way things were meant to be in a marriage relationship.  They are willing to counsel when needed but never push.  Please feel free to email them or call at any time.  I promise you.

you will be glad you did, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom is available for those who are willing to place their lives in God’s hands.  You stretch out your hands, we will lead you home, God Bless you each one.

Office: (813-435-3068)



Pastor Carol Mora: Daily Revelation Blog:

Pastor Rick Mora: Mora in the Word Blog: 

Leslie Brieger collects food weekly and helps to feed the homeless.  There are 11,000 people living wherever they can find a place to lay their heads all over the Tampa Bay area.  We have been in Florida since 1968 and never seen so many hurting people.  Many are forced to live in the woods, in tents and sleeping bags. Even in Walmart shopping areas. 

 Pastor Wil Duke has joined our staff and is very busy doing evangelistic work, on the gulf coast.He is taking it to the high ways and by ways. Revival greater than Azuza Street is getting ready to hit this world.  Get ready saints  Jesus is coming back soon.  Hallelujah!!!

Pastor LeRoy Doane is ministering to the elderly in trailer parks and hospitals,  nursing homes- wherever God leads him.   God never put breath in a finer man.  He works all day and still finds time to love those in need. He and John Adams were very close and both served their country in the military.

Pastor Fermin Espinol has joined with us ministering to the youth in our area.  Many come from broken homes and are hurting badly.  We recently prayed with 15 young men on the basketball court at church to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Then in the following weeks they prayed to receive the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.  Went through a deliverance prayer as well.  God is faithful.. Mike and Jackie are now guest speakers as well.  What a joy to work with these youth.  

We have ministered to a group of 60 women on Tuesdays.  Praying fervently for them and their families.  Letting the Holy Spirit guide us on when to sing and let the transference of the anointing fall.  As He instructs us we give Prophetic words from the Lord.  It is such an honor to be used in this way. Thank You Heavenly Father for the gifts You have so freely given.

Tom and Betsy Proctor are a true blessing as well.  Their love of God and people shines brightly as they serve Him with wisdom and integrity.  She sings so beautifully and He shares his knowledge of the Word freely.  At Sunday school they bring all kinds of truth to the class and makes copies of information they get from online with the class.  We so appreciate them driving so far to be a part of our lives.

Patricia Cash has joined our staff and is assisting Pastor Angelique on a monthly basis ministering to the down trodden area of Pasco,  Her favorite ministry is working with those who have addictions and the people in New Port Richey. .   

Music is a very important part of our ministry as well.  Pastor Angel has a gift in singing, and Rev. Mike has played his guitar in several big churches in New Orleans.  He was on the praise and worship team of City Life Church for many years. Played with Phil Driscol and Benny Hinn as well as Jimmy Swaggert in Louisiana. We now want to help the youth in our wonderful tri-county area.  It is so important to raise them up with the things of God.  Worship being in the forefront, of our hearts and minds.  God so loves it when we praise Him, honor Him and glorify His Holy name.  Now its our turn to pass it on to the young ones.  We have a vast array of instruments and amplifiers to have great fun.  Won't you come on down Y'all and join the festivities. The Ressurection is coming soon so lets Celebrate!!!



Dr. A. D. Cadwell better known -  as  ( Pastor Angelique)  is the founder of In His Power Only Ministries, Inc.   She currently has a staff of 33 pastors under her.  She holds it very close to her heart, and protects it with everything she has in her.  Jesus is the head over it and the Holy Spirit guides her in every decision that is made concerning the staff and members who work diligently to provide love, compassion and counseling when needed.  Prayer is the foundation that under girds this ministry.  We have an online prayer group with 2000 prayer  warriors in 15 countries and all 50 states.  They average 1000 prayers coming in every 36 hours.  Although, we can't answer each one, we do pray fervently. That is a big responsibility and taken very seriously. When that many people are praying in one mind and one accord miracles happen.  God is honoring this ministry to do mighty things in the coming days.  Like never before.  So hold on to your hat... You haven't seen anything yet.   Revival is breaking out and Gods fire is being sent,  His Glory is filling this earth and we are about to see miracles upon miracles.  Welcome aboard all who wish to join us!


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