Psalms 91
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
         Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.


It is our hearts desire to help those in need.  We are in the process of establishing our  outreach. We want people to feel free to come from all walks of life.  We are all Gods children.  Tampa Bay area has such a rich ethnic background.  There are so many beautiful places to go, We want to have a soft place to land for them.  Where they feel loved, safe and accepted for who they are.   We will help them find work and even finish their educations.   Our food co-op will assist in nutritional needs  & education.  We will work diligently to teach them about Jesus. As well as our comforter the Holy Spirit.  Each of us have a divine plan just for our individual lives.  We were fearfully and wonderfully made.  Lets make the Lord proud of us, and do whatever we can to help one another here on earth.
The children will have a special area of their own to play and have fun. Planting, growing, cleaning, assisting us.  As we spread the word about our plans so many business people are offering to help get this started.  Wont' you prayerfully consider working with us as well.    God will richly  bless all who look out for those who are less fortunate.

We would like to recommend Beaming Hope Church to all of you who reside in the Tampa Bay area.  Pastor Joe is a wonderful man, with all the gifts of the spirit.  His church feeds any who come to him.  They give clothing out after services and go on missions trips all over.  A large trailer is used to serve the community and win the lost. One of their members gives free hair cuts.  Good food and real compassion over flows from this fine group of people.  Their new church is on Ulmerton, in Largo.  You will be glad you went.  I know I was very impressed. 
lEGANDS rANCH is  being birthed from a dream of ours for many years in Tampa, Florida.  We are thrilled that we will be working with children who are disadvantaged, disabled and blind.  Seasonally we are planning camps where they can come and learn about Abba Father.  They will enjoy watching us care for, groom, and teach the animals from birth to maturity.   It is great therapy for them to learn to bond with the babies.  which will be great fun for all of us here at In His Power Only Ministries to train and spend time watching them grow, as the children get to learn while we care for them.  Dir. Michael has been around all types of animals, since he was a young boy.  His  three uncles were Charley C. Foti, Criminal Sheriff of Orleans Parish.  And Sgt.  Raymond Corrao, Mounted Division of Sheriffs- as well as Anthony Corrao  Sheriff -Chief Deputy of New Orleans in Louisiana. They all  worked on the Parade Posse.  Michael  groomed the horses, as well as trained them.  The palaminos were great fun. He even met Roy Rogers during one of the Parade during Mardi Gras, many years

We are in the process of working with our GREEN PROJECT acquiring land, building CAMPS & log cabins and a facility to house our supplies and equipment to assit those in need.  Appliances, Furniture, Clothing, Toys and Food will be available to families hurt due to a loss of their homes because of a fire.  We hope to set up a place for them to stay until the can get back up on their feet.  Then give funding for rent, electric deposits and the like.  God is faithful and we are victorious no matter what satan throws our way.


Bright Hope Community Street Project


To Restore Hope and Change Lives through Christ.

Our homeless outreach provides meals and clothing for the homeless along with the saving message of the Gospel.


Our Mission is made possible through your generous donations.

Help us change our community by giving to those in need.

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