Psalms 91
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
         Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
Rev. Michael James and Pastor Angelique Cadwell

Emergency Response Team-U.S.Probono Services

One of the goals of the Emergency Response Team is to help educate the public.  Safety is key and preparation for what may come suddenly utmost in our minds.  Rev. M.J. Cadwells family lost everything due to hurricane Katrina.  Four generations of family were affected.  Homes destroyed, belongings scattered all over the coast.  It was horrific.  He wants to guide others in how to make sure to be ready.  Paperwork and photographs in safe places, essential basics to maintain life readily available.  Cars need to be filled with fuel.  Money-cash where you can get it fast.  Batteries, water, soap, first aid kits all in plastic containers ready to go.  A set of clothes packed and escape routes memorized ahead of time.  A location to meet your loved ones in case you are split up, for any reason. Cell phones, and CB radios in your vehicles.  There is a great deal to consider and prayerfully arrange just in case.  He wants you to be prepared and know God will guide you to a safe place.  He directs our path. Rev.  Michael also rescues wild and domestic animals through Royal Majestic Highlander Kennels. Rev. Cadwell started this part of the ministry after what happened to so many animals durring hurricane Katrina. His heart leaps when he sees them respond to good food, a bath and grooming- and much needed vet check. The wild mustangs are also very near and dear to him.  Delora Denz has also helped a great deal with compassion and care of these animals.

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