Psalms 91
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
         Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.





Operation Fire Escape

One of the Key parts of our ministry has become Operation Fire Escape.

This name has a two fold meaning.  Primarily of course, to help mankind escape from the terrible possibility of  going to Hell.  Hell is a very real place, just as Heaven is real and people are looking for something real. Something they can believe in and find hope through.  Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our needs.  Once a person has received Him, into their hearts and given their lives to him- completely, everything begins to change.

We know this from personal experience,  many miracles have happened in our lives.  Supernatural in fact.  If it weren't for God, my  family might not even be here.   I will never forget the  day, I received a phone call while working in my office, in New Port Richey.  Pastor Adams  called and frantically  informed me, the mobile  was on FIRE...  let me tell you,  when things like that happen  you (cry out) to God, like never before.  My mind was racing with thoughts, that only God could calm.  I had to drive all the way to St Petersburg, not knowing what to expect. I was trying to dial a cell phone and be responsible, in every way.  Wiping away tears and asking ,Why?? Pastor Adams had just redone  the entire home, carefully selecting those items Britt loved most.  Decorating  her  room  was such a joy-all lovely things, like her computer, music, television, etc.  Almost everything  was destroyed.  All the ministry materials and supplies were either burned or so badly covered in smoke they were no longer usable.  I’m telling you, arriving at the scene and finding out Pastor Adams  had been rushed to the hospital I was sick,  scared, and lost.   I will never forget that day as long as I live. Thank the Lord, we were alive and safe. That was all that matters.  God has provided for us so beautifully since that awful day. Thus,  we decided to birth this portion of our ministry and  now we do the same for others.  The Tampa Tribune did a wonderful article about the fire that changed our world forever.  Birthing Operation Fire Escape, and people all over a tri county area began calling to see what they could do to help. It was awesome to watch God work.  Appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, food and water came pouring into the ministry.  Storage facilities donated their units.  We have helped with over 20 fires that have taken place since, many involving children. He is faithful to us.  All we need is provided just in time.

St. Petersburg Fire Dept.

Lt. Joel Granata and Chief Jolly have assisted us in working with the City of St. Petersburg Fire Dept.  They and the fine firemen protect all of us and we are very proud of them.  They came and took care of us when we had a fire at Twin City Mobile Home park.  Thanks to there quick work and kind hearts our beloved John Adams was sent to Bayfront Medical and his life was spared.  Our two beautiful cats were not so lucky.  That is why we want so very much to help others who have suffered such tragedy.  We know exactly how badly it hurts.  The red cross does a lot at first but then we were on our own.  In His Power Only Ministries is there to help wherever we can.  God is opening doors in many areas to facilitate just what we need and we thank Him for it.

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